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This beautiful, functional alloud Actionbag is absolutely waterproof.

Various ways to use: as backpack, shoulder bag and handbag.

Suitable as waterbag, sportsbag, hand baggage & stylish everydas bag.

ACTIONBAG white 15l

CHF 65.00Preis
  • Our Actionbag: It all started as a school project where a group of students set out to start their own business. Their idea? Waterproof bags in various colors and sizes. When Aurora caught wind of this venture, she was immediately captivated and decided to lend her support. With a love for swimming, hiking, and biking, the idea of customized bags for Aurora Cosmetics resonated deeply with her. So, whether she's diving into the Aare, hitting the trails, or cruising through Bern, the Actionbag is her trusty companion. Join us in embracing adventure with the Actionbag – where practicality meets personal style effortlessly.

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