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This Gua Sha tool, that you can easily incorporate into your routine, made out of jade quartz, which is also known as the master healer. This quartz has the capacity to absorb, store, release and regulate tentions. It fits perfectly on your hands, because Aurora designed it ergonomically.  Our Gua Sha massage tool helps to bring your body back into balance wheither you are using it in the morning or in the evening.

Why we created this massage tool?

For her 5th business anniversary, Aurora wanted to create something special as a token of appreciation for her loyal customers. She aimed to develop something that embodies her belief in self-love and celebrates her

fascination for our largest organ, the skin. In her pursuit, Aurora valued the idea of enabling her loved ones to care for their skin health at home while experiencing joy and variety. She believed that a consistent routine coupled with the right products would optimize the effects. Join us for a treatment, where we provide personalized advice to cater to your skin type and needs

GUA SHA massage tool

CHF 55.00Preis
  • Our Gua Sha is made of Green jade witch represents harmony and balance. This Gua Sha stone made of green jade soothes your body and mind, bringing you back to inner equilibrium. Its physical benefits are scientifically proven.

    Promotes intense blood circulation, resulting in better removal of toxins and improved delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells.

    Relieves tension, which for example can trigger headaches or overstrained jaw muscles from teeth grinding.

    Stimulates lymphatic vessels to dissolve tissue adhesions and water retention, addressing issues like under-eye bags, jawline, and double chin.

    Strengthens collagen and elastin fibers while stimulating cell regeneration, as increased blood flow supports overall skin activity. With consistent use, this leads to healthier, more resilient, and firmer skin over time

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